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AIRNIX TERMINAL Solder Caps Closed End Waterproof Splice; 4 Sizes: Green, Red, Blue, Yellow

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Transparent insulation sleeve provides encapsulation,inspect, strain relief, and insulation. Pre-fluxed solder provides controlled soldering process.One piece design, it consists of transparent heat shrinkable sleeve and fluxed solder. Provides insulation and lower installed cost. Color hot-melt glue on two ends of heat shrinkable tube, connecting wires to component terminals, such as motor tabs, connector pins, and switch terminals, it is very convenient to use the exact wire dimension. Shrink closed-end connectors can replace wire nuts in environments where waterproof multiple wire splices are required.

●Shrinkage ratio 2:1
●Waterproof for wiring splices
●Transparent sleeve provides precise inspection
●Easy control soldering process 
●Minimum Shrink Temp. 60℃ 
●Minimum Fully Recover Temp.110℃ 
●Fully melt temperature of solder: 138℃