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AIRNIX 18" x 1.5" Standard Nylon Hook & Loop Cinch Strap w/ Metal Buckle

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    • ESTIMATED bundle wrap dimensions and available types/sizes.  



      6" x .75"   Standard w/ Metal Buckle or Standard w/ Plastic Buckle
      ( Circumference - Max: 4.5" Min: 2" )

      8" x .75"  Standard w/ Metal Buckle, Standard w/ Plastic or Nylon Webbing
      ( Circumference - Max: 6.5" Min: 3" ) 

      12" x .75" Standard w/ Metal BuckleStandard w/ Plastic Buckle or Nylon Webbing
      ( Circumference – Max: 9.5” Min: 4” ) 

      18" x 1.5" Standard w/ Metal Buckle, Standard w/ Plastic Buckle or Nylon Webbing
      ( Circumference - Max: 13" Min: 7" ) 

      22" x .75" Standard Nylon or Nylon Webbing
      ( Circumference – Max: 19” Min: 9” ) 

      22" x 1.5" Standard Nylon
      ( Circumference – Max: 20” Min:12” )

      36" x 2" Standard Nylon or Nylon Webbing
      ( Circumference – Max: 31” Min: 15" ) 

      40" x 1.5" Standard Nylon Metal Buckle
      ( Circumference – Max: 36” Min: 21” )

      40" x 2" Nylon Webbing
      ( Circumference – Max: 35” Min: 15" ) 

      54" x 4" Nylon Webbing
      ( Circumference – Max: 49” Min: 28” )

      10 Pack Standard Nylon Assortment


      AIRNIX Heavy Duty Nylon and Nylon Webbing Hook & Loop Cinch Straps are great for all your fastening and securing tasks big or small. These straps have sewn on metal buckles or light duty heat welded plastic buckles. They can be used in housekeeping, network cabling, fashion, garage organization and any other use you can think of. The cinch straps provide extra holding power with ease and convenience. Painlessly organize your audio/video equipment cabling, wrap your hoses and extension cords and hold those boxes or blankets together. Anywhere you need to bundle, strap together, hold down or organize these will come in handy. The possibilities have no limits. Adjustable and reusable make these a great investment. Multiple straps can be cinched to together to make a longer strap. These superior quality nylon binding straps are easy to use and reuse with their solid buckle and self-attaching hook and loop design.

      Check our other items for more varieties. If you can not find what you are looking for or would like help choosing the correct size, please message us and we can help.

      Check ABOVE for the correct size.  If the measurement around what you want to strap together falls within the Min & Max measurements below, that strap will work for you.  We have a strap for anything between 2" and 49".  More length and width options coming in the future.  If you have a request, please send us a message!