AIRNIX TERMINAL 380pcs Insulated Male/Female Bullet/Receptacle Disconnects Set (Snap Plugs/Receptacles)

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70pc Red Male Bullet Disconnects 22-16 AWG 


70pc Red Female Receptacle 22-16 AWG


70pc Blue Male Bullet (Snap Plug Receptacles) 16-14 AWG


70pc Blue Female Receptacle 16-14 AWG


50pc Yellow Male Bullet (Snap Plug Receptacles) 12-10 AWG


50pc Yellow Female Receptacle 12-10 AWG



Snap Plugs (or Bullet Disconnect) are fully insulated and precision engineered. The Female Receptacle Disconnect fits snuggly into the matching male housing, resulting in a fully insulated in-line splice that may be connected and disconnected without damage.


AIRNIX PVC Insulated Crimp Terminals are made of tin-plated high grade copper for the best possible connection. Wire entry design with chamfered barrel, molded PVC insulating sleeve. Color coded for simple gauge identification.